Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grand Lake Farmers' Market: Waffle Mania Truck

After working out at the gym on Saturday mornings, I walk across the street to check out the Grand Lake Farmers' Market in Oakland. And the last few times I've been there, I've noticed the waffle truck!

This mobile waffle vendor known as Waffle Mania sells Belgian-style waffles from this truck, which originally started at the Marin County farmers market and has traveled to the San Francisco Civic Center and now Grand Lake in Oakland. And I'm so glad it's made it to my hood.

Here's the Waffle Man. I just call him Waffle Man because he was the only guy in the truck, making and selling the waffles. Waffle Mania is a partnership of three people, including this guy, and they're the only U.S. distributor of a special Belgian batter created by a Belgian company called So Good.

Here's my waffle. The waffle truck sells the waffles plain or powdered for $3.50 each. (If you buy four, it's just $3 each.) I heard that in the past you could get toppings on them, but now it's just really simple so that cuts down on the plates and utensils. And you know what? This doesn't need any toppings at all! It was so good on its own, with crunchy edges and a chewy, soft interior. Since it's made fresh, you want to get one early when you see the truck so that it'll be nice and warm as you eat it.

My advice if you order the powdered waffle, be sure to eat it upwind so that the powdered sugar doesn't blow on you as you're walking and eating. That's just my Valentines' Day tip to you! :)

The Waffle Mania mobile truck is parked at the Grand Lake Farmers Market on Saturdays and the San Francisco Civic Center farmers market on Wednesdays. It's also at the Marin County and San Rafael farmers markets.


Anonymous said...

wow, great news. Thanks for sharing. I'll finally get to try one!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, can you tell them to come down to the San Jose area? :)

Anonymous said...

I second the admiration for those waffles. I used to live around Lake Merritt and indulged quite regularly. They are very yummy, a perfect snack to munch as you shop for fresh produce at the the farmer's market.

Christina said...

where is he on sundays?

Single Guy Ben said...

Christina, I think he's at the Marin's Farmers Market on Sundays. I can't be for sure, though, because lately I haven't seen him at the Grand Lake market on Saturday.