Friday, January 02, 2009

Beets for Brunch

One of my favorite root vegetables in the wintertime is the beet. It can be a bit of work to prepare them and you have to deal with the red coloring that gets everywhere, but it’s sooo worth it in my opinion to eat beets fresh rather than from a can.

A few weeks ago, I went to brunch with some friends at this new place near my neighborhood. On the menu was something called the Red Flannel Hash. It was a plate of roasted beets and potatoes with a few other things. Since I love roasted vegetables, I thought this was such a great dish. I thought the restaurant made up the dish and called it Red Flannel Hash, but then I saw Red Flannel Hash on the menu at another restaurant. Now I see it everywhere!

I decided to make it at home, and similar to how these restaurants made the dish, I placed a poached egg on top. (It’s supposedly the new trend in cooking: placing a poached egg on everything.) I’m sure my Red Flannel Hash recipe isn’t traditional. One, because I don’t like onions that much so I substituted shallots. Then I thought Italian parsley is a bit harsh in taste, so I used chives instead. This turned out to be a really comforting dish that’s very colorful for brunch. Enjoy!

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Nate @ House of Annie said...

Canned beets give me the heebee jeebies but I love roasted beets! Great recipe.

I'm thinking some roasted broccoli might go good with that.