Sunday, April 13, 2008

Coming Up: Chocolates + Ceviche

I'm enjoying the last few hours of this surprisingly summer weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area. But once I sit down and process all the photos I took in the last few days, this is what you can expect on my blog in the coming days:

Crazy for Chocolates, Part 2: The Chocolate Salon took place again in San Francisco, and I braved the crazy crowds again to bring you a peek at some of the gourmet chocolates being made. Check back tomorrow night for a rundown of what I loved and hated at this second annual chocolate lovers' paradise. (The photo above is from the Salon. And yes, it's Obama chocolates. Find out which chocolatier is endorsing Sen. Obama.)

Something's Fishy: I visit for the first time the wonderful Tokyo Fish Market. No, it's not in Japan but nearby in Berkeley. It took a bit of a bus ride for me to get to this fresh fish market, but it was worth it.

Home-made Ceviche: Like I said, it was hot this weekend so that means light dining. So check back for my recipe for ceviche, using fish I got at, of course, the Tokyo Fish Market. Perfect for the summer. Did I say summer? Yowza. It's hot here.

Of course, I'll be posting the lastest recap of Top Chef. This week's episode looks like a tailgate party with Da Bears. As it stands, looks like it's anyone's game! And see what happens when I get Korean for lunch in this week's Dish on Dining.

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