Saturday, January 05, 2008

What's In My Frig?

It's citrus season and that means I'm seeing more Meyer lemons at the market. I love them, and not just because all the fancy chefs use them. (OK, maybe that's partly why.) If you're not familiar with Meyer lemons, they have a smell and taste that's a bit like a tangerine with all the puckerness of lemons.

What I also love about them is the color. They have a deeper yellow than typical lemons. Above, I bought a four-lemon pack from my local Trader Joe's. I forgot how much they were. I think it was $1.79 for the whole pack. I thought it was a steal because normal lemons sell for close to 99 cents for one at Safeway. (I still don't understand why lemons are more expensive than limes?)

Even though I love Meyer lemons, having a whole pack in my frig does make me think what I can do with them. I usually just use lemons to slice into my iced tea that I brew myself and have pretty much every night for dinner. But just using them in my iced tea would take me a month to eat them all. So I went online and looked up a recipe for lemon curd.

I've never made lemon curd, but I found this easy recipe from the Barefoot Contessa. Turns out lemon curd is pretty much like creme anglaise, which is the custard that basically thickens as you slow cook it.

Now I have about a bottle and a half of lemon curd in my frig. I drizzle it on vanilla ice cream or mix it in with my yogurt to give it a lemony twist. So when life gives you Meyer lemons, make lemon curd! Ha!

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Anonymous said...

that's a beautiful picture chef ben. my grandmother used to have a gigantic meyer lemon bush in her backyard that would yield bags and bags twice a year. I love the perfuminess of meyer lemons. thanks for the delicious reminder!