Monday, October 19, 2009

La Farine French Bakery is Inching Closer

Earlier this year, I finally shopped at La Farine French Bakery and fell in love with their fruit tartlets, among other things. But the threat of carb overloaded was kept at bay because: 1) I’m lazy and 2) the original La Farine location on College Avenue on the edge of Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood would require a very long walk or a bus ride to get to from my apartment.

But curses! (I sound like a cartoon, huh?) Now La Farine has opened a new location on Piedmont Avenue, which is just a 10-minute walk from my place. I will now be forever tested on how often I can avoid the buttery goodness of La Farine’s baked French breads and pastries.

I couldn’t resist checking out the new location this past weekend when I was doing some grocery shopping. The store lacks some of the charm of the original location, but it definitely is roomier. There are several small tabletops along one side so you can sip on some coffee and munch on some pastries.

I noticed some pretty purple frosting cupcakes in the counter and there were tons of fruit tarts for sale. I picked up a whole grain baguette and one of the last two fruit tartlets.

What’s amazing about their tarts and tartlets are the colorful designs on top created by the carefully placed patterns of the fruit pieces. This one was a tartlet with some kind of yellow fruit thinly sliced and then made into a fan design. I couldn’t tell what it was but it reminded me of unripened mango, topped off with a few tiny raspberries. It was delicious!

If you’re ever wondering where I am on a weekend afternoon, chances are high I’ll be munching on a fruit tartlet at La Farine’s Piedmont Avenue location.

La Farine, 4094 Piedmont Ave., Oakland. (Other locations in Rockridge and Fruitvale in Oakland and Solano Avenue in Berkeley.)

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Lily F said...

hi,single guy chef.your blog is awesome.

I love reading your detailed descriptions of dishes in different restaurants.

foodhoe said...

wow, they really are expanding! I finally went to the one in Fruitvale and got one of their breakfast rolls... dang...

Carolyn Jung said...

Oh wow, haven't been to this bakery. My gosh, more baked goods I must force myself to check out. Yes, force myself. Not! ;)